Physician Testimonials

“BayCare Medical Group is a dynamic, growing organization with a community focus and always strives for the best in patient care.”

- Latha Pandurangan, MD, Family Medicine
BayCare Medical Group

“As a physician-led organization, BayCare Medical Group has the flexibility and vision to engage providers in a range of practice environments and state-of-the-art facilities, while fostering personal and professional development via mentoring, formal training and administrative support.”

- Zaruhi Babayan, MD,Cardiovascular Diseases and Internal Medicine
BayCare Medical Group

“BayCare because WE CARE. Investing in your future to make a stronger, healthier Tampa Bay.”

- Robert Gabordi II, MD, Breast Oncology Surgery
BayCare Medical Group

“BayCare Medical Group supports providers by ensuring a strong foundation and a commitment to do what’s right for the patient.”

- Laura Arline, MD
Director of Quality and Process Improvement

   “BayCare made it incredibly easy to join their ever-expanding team. I felt like a valued partner immediately!"

- Ben Rambicure, MD

  “I first joined BayCare as a family medicine resident and now continue my journey with them as a BMG physician doing what I love most, practicing medicine. One thing that has remained consistent throughout my experience with BayCare is their commitment to quality patient care. The leadership is well balanced with both administrators and clinicians, which helps keep them grounded with patients coming first."

- Aaron Lozano, MD, Family Medicine
BayCare Medical Group

  “I chose BayCare because I can focus on taking care of patients while also contributing to BayCare Medical Group to improve healthcare in our community. "

- Jason P. Wilson, MD, MBA, FACS, Surgical Oncology, Diseases of the Breast and Melanoma
The Comprehensive Breast Care Center of Tampa Bay/BayCare Medical Group

  “I certainly appreciate BayCare providing such avenues to help advance my career!"

- Zeina Takieddine, MD

  “I have had the ability to experience other health care systems in another state, and compared to BayCare...well there is no comparison. BayCare treats its physicians with the respect and integrity that we deserve and this translates to improved physician happiness and ultimately patient care. I couldn't be happier with my decision to leave a state that I called home for 38 years and make Tampa Bay and BayCare my new home and family.”

- Dan Sodano, MD, FACC, RPVI
BayCare Medical Group Cardiology (Countryside & Dunedin)